Thursday, August 26, 2010

Your #1 Choice

Have you started thinking about literary agents yet?  Admit it, you have.  It's sort of like applying to college.  You might have a dream school picked out early on. Junior year you get serious and start thinking about your apps, tweaking your list, preparing for senior year when it all goes out.  In the meantime, you're expected to keep attending classes and participating in extracurriculars.  Sounds a lot like writing for publication, doesn't it?  You're supposed to write, revise, maintain a blog, and build an audience all to land your acceptance letter.  Right now I'm still perusing agent sites and dreaming.  If only this damn manuscript would just write itself!!!

So here's your official sweatshirt

How are you approaching the agent process?  Do you have a #1 choice yet?

1 comment:

  1. Ha! How about revise itself! ...I must rip the guts out, but the guts are beautiful. SO I cry. Haha...not to mention I'm nt sure what that will leave...

    YOU CAN DO IT WRITE UR MS...hope there is no gut ripping when ur done;)