Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Ways to Kick Writer's Block

1.  Do a word sprint.  Set a timer for 10 minutes and write at least 100 words.  My favorite is to give myself 30 minutes to get to 850.

2. Have a snack.  I truly believe writer's block is directly linked to blood sugar. How can you write with a rumbling tummy?

3. Change your setting.  Your setting, not the book's.  Pack up and go to a local coffeeshop or library or a quiet park.

4.  Escape.  For more serious, and often depressing, cases of writer's block, you might try turning your mind off of your story for a few hours.  Read a good book, watch a favorite t.v. show or rent a movie.  Try to find something that allows for ultimate escapism (no writing manuals!)

5.  Google it.  Choose the first color to pop in your head, google it and then write 250 words on one of the first three subjects into your story.

6.  Write 100 words describing your character's socks.

7.  Get help.  Have you tried write or die?  Personally with two kids who poop, scream, cry, and injure themselves at random, it terrifies me!

8.  Go to your local bookstore and see where your book will be on the shelf.

9.  Break your backspace button.  Not really, but don't use it.  Your inner editor's middle name is writer's block.

10.  Just starting writing.  Ok, easier said than done, but seriously, close your plot outline document, reread your last paragraph and go.  Don't worry about your plotting or pacing or what's supposed to be happening, just write!

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