Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 things you should do right now

Whether you are just putting pen to paper, actively querying, or setting up your launch party, here are 5 simple things to help you build your platform as a writer.

1. Register your domain - Wait, didn't I already mention that? No, I'm not getting kickbacks from godaddy. I'm just that serious. Pony up the $10 and do it!

2. Get a real email address - You may have had the foresight to register back in the early days, but do you really want to send your first queries to an agent and expect them to reply to that? Keep it simple and professional. It never hurts to have a dedicated email for queries and writing projects.

3. Get a business card - Don't miss an opportunity to make a connection because you don't have a pen to write down your contact info. Even a simple solid card with your name and email tucked safely in your wallet is better than nothing. offers free business cards.

4. Join one writing website with a forum - You don't have to post daily or join twenty different groups but do reach out to other writers. It will make it easier for you to promote yourself later on, especially if you've built genuine connections with others.

5. Get a good profile picture - That fuzzy 10 year old pic from your wedding that you cropped your spouse out of it won't do it. Yes, someday when you land your 6 figure contract you can get a really good photo taken, but for now a simple head and shoulders shot will do nicely.

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