Monday, January 10, 2011

Challenge 1102011: the Google subplot

Today's writing challenge will help you build another layer into your novel even if you are struggling with writer's block.  Think of a loaded word or phrase and google it.  Choose one of the first 5 pages and go read the whole thing.  From there come up with a sub plot that you can build into your novel.

I chose "danger."  This led me to a link which reminded me that nothing is final except death...but as a writer I immediately thought, but is death final?  Looks like someone will be coming back to life in my novel.  To add this in as a subplot I will need to layer in references and hints to it (the written bread crumbs if you will) that a reader will remember when the truth is revealed, or will lead him or her to keep reading to discover the mystery!

Happy writing!

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