Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Flights of Fancy: Champagne Wishes and Library Dreams

One of my favorite games when I'm feeling down is to build my dream house by looking at pictures of kitchens, bathrooms, etc.  My personal dream house has a very large jacuzzi, a swimming pool, and two kitchens so my husband and I won't fight over which one of us is messier while cooking.  Oh, and a robot.  Gotta have a robot.  But there's one more thing I build in my dream house: a library.

You might have guessed I love books.  I love libraries.  I love the infinite worlds you can discover.  So, of course, I have a library in my dream house, and I want it to look like this:


Double sigh.

This library belongs to Jay Walker, who is an entrepreneur and also has a funny name, and I think we would be friends.  More photos here  

What's in your dream house?


  1. Wow. That is so awesome! I'd never leave that room if it were in my house.

    My dream house would have to have a dumbwaiter, a few secret passages, and a secret tunnel to the garden outside.

  2. Wow, that is an amazing library. Definitely swoon-worthy!
    Nice to meet you and your blog. :)