Friday, April 01, 2011

Throw out of your best pitch

It's baseball season, which means Ill be seeing less of my husband, but I thought I'd get in the spirit by throwing out my very own pitch.  The lovely Shelley Watters is hosting a pitch contest and, at the risk of sounding all fangirl, it's being hosted by Suzie Townsend, who is in my top picks folder on QueryTracker (in case I ever finally write a query I'm happy with!)

You can enter your very own short pitch (140 characters or less).  Here's mine:
Title: Crewel
Genre: Young Adult
Word count: 70,000

A girl fights for autonomy in a futuristic world where beautiful Spinsters weave everything from food rations to weather to human life.


  1. What's at stake? "Autonomy" sounds a bit vague. Great start!

  2. I agree with Kathleen about the stakes, but I really like the voice and flow of the pitch. You could drop one of the conditions (either food rations or weather), toss in the "stake", and likely be under the 140 character limit. Great pitch and good luck!

  3. CobraMisfit hit it on the head. Sounds like a fascinating story, I want to know about the stakes for your MC!

  4. very cool start. i agree with cobra about the stakes...i wish someone would weave me a steak...
    keep writing and good luck!
    douglas esper

    p.s. love the baseball pun in your post

  5. Agreed with the above. In the current market, I think you really need to set yourself apart. My suggestion would be, give us more about your heroine. I like the idea of the "beautiful Spinsters".

    Good luck! I'll stop by again later and see how you're doing.

  6. With so many dystopians out there, you need something that will make your book unforgettable. I'll be back later to see what you got!