Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So one time at this quaint Italian restaurant in Port Angeles

I don't consider myself a twihard, but when my mother-in-law mentioned hitting Port Angeles on our recent vacation to the Pacific Northwest, I was game.  And like any good YA author, I found the brochure that debated what stores were the ones from the novel and made reservations at Bella Italia where Edward and Bella had their first date.

But that's not really what this post is about.  I mean, yes, I found it amusing that every other group eating at the restaurant that day was talking about the book from the couple in the corner wearing Team Edward and Team Jacob shirts to the Korean tourists with the older woman who was questioning why choosing eternal damnation was the right choice to the nice old couple celebrating their 47th anniversary, who was sat next behind us, asking where Bella's high school was (the waitress with the precision of a seasoned pro explained where Forks was).

No, it's not about that.  It's about how this happened.

Scene: nice, famous Italian restaurant
4 year-old minion in a sing-song voice:  Daddy, there's something in my pants!
My husband: I just took you to the bathroom.
4 year-old: But there's really something in my pants!
Mother-in-law to 4 year-old: Let's look at your menu.
My husband: Sit down.  You just went to the bathroom.

And then my 4 year-old stood up and dropped his pants in Bella Italia.

Yep, he mooned everyone at the most famous restaurant in Port Angeles.

And bless them, everyone just turned away.  Including my mother-in-law!  Who was the closest person to him, which prompted me to cry: Don't just ignore him!

Lessons I learned:
Always sit next to both kids.
And listen when your 4 year-old has something in his pants.


  1. Haha! This reminds me of the time I was teaching kindergarten in South Korea. One of the kids was singing a song and then he just turned around and completely mooned me. I was so mortified that I couldn't even speak to tell him to pull his pants back up!

  2. You're lucky that one didn't end up a viral image/video from some tourist's cellphone straight to facebook.

    "Up and coming YA author's 4 year-old son let's the world know what he thinks of Twilight!"

    (Not implying you actually dislike Twilight, btw.)

  3. Well! Don't leave us hanging...what was in his pants?

  4. Josie, I had to stifle a hysterical giggle here at the coffee shop!

    Kimmy, nothing! Thank goodness! He wanted to go to the bathroom!

  5. Ah, Gen, aren't kids just the....funniest thing??? lol

  6. Aww. Poor little fella! Did you ever figure out what was in his pants?? LOL

    Hey, stop by my blog tomorrow if you have time. I have an award for you. :)

  7. Oh goodness kids. Yeah they'll do it to you everytime. On my blog someone left a comment once that her daughter which they were on lunch somewhere said: when my mother want to drink before twelve she always says - well its happy hour somewhere in the world. LOL