Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday Five: Why Waiting Sucks Edition

Waiting sucks.  Waiting for an email response.  Waiting for pay day.  Waiting for water to boil.  Waiting for me to choose a winner for the contest (I do have it narrowed down btw).

So in honor of sitting around waiting, here are the five most sucktastic things about it:
1.  You can't do anything to speed someone else up unless you want to sound like an ass or come off as a jerk.
2.  No one has perfected time travel technology.
3.  In this business, waiting usually means keeping a secret, which majorly sucks because writers are blabbermouths.
4.  You can't move on, because you are stuck waiting.
5.  The whole watched pot never boils thing seems to apply to email, money, food, people, packages - you get the picture.

What are you waiting for?  Perhaps there's strength in numbers.


  1. We are SUCH blabbermouths, heh. I just started querying for the first time. I'm in week 3 of waiting for responses. I've received some, both positive and negative, so that's always a bright spot, but time keeps on GOING and I'm still waiting.


  2. I'm waiting for my editorial letter, and I'm waiting to share happy news on Monday.

    Wait, wait, wait. Hurry up and wait...

  3. I'm waiting for you to announce the winner :p

    Also for an agent who's had my full since March. I mean, I'm querying a whole different book now...

    And for next week. But that has nothing to do with writing.

  4. LOL! I'm waiting for yet another hurricane, and hoping it doesn't leave as much damage as Irene.

    Oh, and I'm waiting for a full-length trailer of THE HUNGER GAMES, but that's another story :)

  5. I'm waiting for responses to the queries I sent. And a response to a partial request.

    But luckily, I have no problem with waiting because my schedule is packed for the next month or so. Hopefully the responses will come in while I'm keeping myself busy!

  6. Ah, yes. WAITING. I'm waiting for query responses at the moment, and the only thing I can do is work on my next book. Which helps a ton, actually, because I get VERY distracted by my shiny new ideas. :)

  7. Still waiting for my husband to read my novel, which I completed like a year ago. But I swear I'm waiting for EVERYTHING these days!

    BTW did I miss the winner of the POSSESS prize? :)

  8. I hate waiting! I'm always waiting for something, but I'm trying to distract myself by working on my current WIP. Or loitering on Twitter/Tumblr. Keeping busy helps me... Or a huge hug from my two-year-old goddaughter. LOL :)

  9. I'm waiting to hear about my fulls and all the queries that are still floating out there. I'm really horrible at waiting. I get grumpy! But yoga helps...

  10. I'm waiting for lightning to strike.