Monday, November 28, 2011

Nanowrimo Day 28: The Final Countdown

It's drawing to a close and I'm still 8k under the finish line. I'd like to pause a moment and weep for the idealistic 29 year-old who started this month thinking she could draft two novels. Well, the fates handed me a funeral, a feast, and the flu a.k.a the alliterative equivalent of creative death. Sob.

Ok, the cynical almost 30 year-old apparently has no time for tears, because she has 300 pages to copyedit and 8k to write this week. And a shiny new idea threatening to destroy it all. Still I have high hopes. Today is a new day after all.

But that's where I am. How are you doing with your personal writing goals this month?


  1. Okay, not trying to make a joke on your behalf, but your post reads kinda like a query... a pretty darn good one.

    (guess you can tell where my head is)

    Hope you can pull it off this week!

  2. Hope you're productive this week. I just started a new project and am glad to have a page done.