Friday, November 04, 2011

Nanowrimo Day #4: Procrastination time

Anyone else dragging their feet a bit today?  Maybe it's Friday.  Maybe it's that you get to write this weekend.  I think I'm trying to rest before the weekend with the kids starts, so take a little break from the word count and check out these fun ways to get involved on the Nanowrimo site.

1.  Get art - there's a lot of talented artists making covers for Wrimo's in the Artisan forum.  Get one for your book and get inspired to keep typing.

2.  Read the OLL blog - pep talks, 30 covers in 30 days, and all manner of support.

3.  Make a donation and get a halo, or buy yourself something cool to commemorate Nano 2011.


  1. I broke through the procrastination wall on Friday. After my smoothie run today is all about the word count. May I suggest the pomegranate blueberry to kick the writing up a notch.