Monday, November 07, 2011

Nanowrimo Day 7: Random Tip

So most of my tips are about writing, but as I bustled about cleaning my house this morning and NOT writing, it occurred to me that sometimes we need tips for how to keep our lives from falling apart when we are under a deadline.  And 50k in a month is a pretty big deadline!

Now I usually don't post tips that require you to bust out your wallet, but I have found one simple trick to keeping my life going smoothly when I'm so busy I can barely breathe.  I find it has the most bang for your buck and it's especially useful for those of you who have jobs and are nano'ing.

Get your laundry done.  Seriously, drop-off laundry service is the greatest.thing.ever.  It costs $1-$1.25/lb and I find that it averages to about $10 per person per week.  So for my family of four, one week of laundry costs about $40.  They wash it, fold it (before all the wrinkles set in), and hang what needs to be hanged.

I don't do this all the time.  For instance, I dropped it off the week I went to New York and last week when my brand new washing machine was on the fritz.  It's the perfect way to catch up when you feel really behind.

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  1. Plus you get to enjoy clean clothing, a rarity in the last weeks of a deadline.

    One thing I used to do--and then got away from, but fully intend on doing again, soon--was cook once a month and freeze/can/otherwise preserve individual meals. I didn't have to worry about shopping (except for produce) or not having food in the house or starving to death or even cleanup, since the containers were disposable.