Friday, November 11, 2011

The GREAT Nano Challenge of 2011, and some housekeeping

It's 11-11-11, which mean that we are just over a third done with Nano.  Also it's a cool number.  Now if you are like me, you might be feeling a bit behind on your word count.  Remember, my goal is 100k, or two working drafts, for the month and with several days of writer's block this week, I'm worried that next week is shaping up to be a dud.  I have to hit 50k by the 15th to stay on track.

So what to do?  Host an all day Nano extravaganza, leading up to the amazing twitter meet and greet with the Apocalypsies at 9 pm EST tonight (hashtag: #2012debuts)!

Here's the deal, starting at 11:00 EST, I will be running hourish long sprints on twitter and here.  If you aren't  on twitter just stop in at the top of the hour and post your word count here and dash back off.  But I said hourish?  That means we will sprint from about 11:01 to 11:56, take a 5 minute bathroom/stuff your face/get fresh coffee break, post word counts and pick back up at 12:01.  If you need more time, then stop yourself a bit earlier and run off.  You know, in the case of twosies.

I'll be doing this until 5 PM. EST, and then making good on my maternal duties for a few hours before the big twitter meet and greet.  You are all welcome to keep sprinting and writing while I'm gone.  In fact, hopefully someone will take the torch and ask for check-in's while I'm out.

So what's your prize?  Well, eternal glory really.  Nano just isn't about the material stuff.  I've tossed and turned over this for one whole night, and I've decided good company, fierce competition, a few laughs, and a lot of moral support are pretty good incentives.

My personal goal for this 6 hours?  At least 8k.  I made a pretty big decision to keep writing into book 3, which means I have plenty of material to cover.

In the comments, post your current word count, your goal, and your twitter handle if you have it.  On twitter, I'll be using the hashtag #Nano11sprints.

Housekeeping stuff

A big hello to the bloggers who are participating in the 2012 Debut Author Challenge.  I've been getting ARC requests and I'm always happy to respond, but if you have an established book blog and would like to be put on the ARC list, you can use this form.  It collects all the pertinent data for me to share with my publicists!

I'm still collecting letters in support of Nina LaCour's Hold Still through next Thursday.  I've gotten some amazing letters in support of the book already.  Thank you so much!

And don't forget the twitter chat tonight at 9 pm EST.

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