Monday, December 26, 2011

From the Archive: Loglines - setting the right tone

Originally posted in February 2011.

And now for another lesson from Star Wars (Btw, I use SW for two reasons: 1. it's a classic hero's journey most people have seen  and 2.  my 3 year-old watches it ALL day long)

A logline, or the one line pitch, is a simple way to tell your story using, you guessed it, one line.  You need a logline.  It's your go-to answer at dinner parties, conferences, the grocery store.  But while it may be tempting to say "Luke goes on a quest across the universe to stop bad guys," please refrain.   Your logline should be concise but still convey something about your novel.

Is it funny?

When a farm boy buys two robots, he stumbles into a cross-galaxy quest to save a princess with the help of an old man, a con artist, and a huge dog.

Is it scary?

When a ruthless lord builds a machine that destroys planets, Luke Skywalker must find a way to destroy it before innocent millions are killed.

Is it romantic?

When a beautiful princess broadcasts a call for help, Luke Skywalker is compelled across the galaxy to save her.

What's your logline?


  1. When an assassin's son goes into witness protection, he's surprised to learn his secret isn't the biggest one in town.

  2. NICE logline!