Monday, January 02, 2012

All Day Q&A: New Year's Edition!

You have questions.  I pretend to have answers.  Ask away.


  1. bethchristopher.comJanuary 2, 2012 at 6:23 AM

    Hi Genn! Did you pitch Crewel as a stand alone book with series potential or as part of a trilogy? And how did it work with the publisher -- did you give them an outline for books two and three or did they just take your word for it? ;-)

    It's so great that you're sharing how you navigated the crazy waters of getting published. I'm learning heaps. Thanks!

  2. @Beth - I didn't say anything in my query first of all. It's pretty obvious at the end of book one that more is intended. And looking over my submission package, my agent didn't say anything either. Houses asked for the outlines of planned sequels if they planned to take it into acquisitions.

  3. Hi Genn! Big fan here - first time caller!

    My question is, I was wondering, what is the origin of the word 'lint'?

    Thanks so much for your help! That one's been bugging the turducken out of me!

    This Guy You've Never Met
    No Seriously. You Don't Know Me

  4. Dear strange dude, 14th century middle english - "a bit of yarn for spinning," likely from the middle french "linette" or old english "linet"

  5. Why is that guy so hilariously weird?

    I can't believe I missed this! Ack!

    I have so many questions for you, Genn. Where is your email address? Hmmm...lets see....