Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bookanistas: Cinder

I'll be announcing the winner of last week's giveaway tomorrow, but today let's talk about CINDER (a.k.a. my new obsession).


For several years I've been catching up on all the lost years of reading while I was working on my Master's degree, and as such, I've had the opportunity to read a lot of series and trilogies in their entirety rather than waiting for a year for the next book.  I kind of wish The Lunar Chronicles had fallen into that category, because I can't believe I have to wait almost 9 months until I demand, err, beg a copy from my editor.  I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of Cinder from the publisher, and I devoured it over the holidays.

What did I like so much about Cinder?  Where to begin...

First of all, Cinder is one of those books that moves effortlessly from scene to scene, each chapter ending on the perfect note.  The kind of book where you find yourself saying "I'll just read a little more" and then you realize you're on the last page.  Books like that don't come around too often.  While I did have the mystery element figured out pretty early on in the narrative, I found that I was enjoying the characters so much that I didn't care.  From the complicated motives of Prince Kai to crackerjack mechanic Cinder, and my favorite character Iko, I was caught up in the world of New Beijing.  Meyer has managed to concoct a world of subtle nuances that weave together so smoothly that I can't imagine a single word doesn't matter to the text or the subsequent novels.  Hints of the upcoming sequels, of which there are three planned, are skillfully planted in the text, and we even get to meet Cress, who will be the featured story arc of the third book in the series.

Ultimately, I think Cinder's success lies in how fresh it feels. Even if it is based on a centuries old fairy tale, Cinder feels like its own thing.  A world that is not only well-drawn but fresh as well.  Is there Cinderella?  Sure.  Is she a kick-ass mechanic?  Definitely.  There's all the tropes of the classic tale - a prince, a ball, even a wicked stepmother - but with some new twists like a sinister Lunar race and cybernetics.  This isn't a retelling, it's a reinvention.  I can't wait to see what Meyer does with the rest of the fairytales slated to be told in the series, but I can bet it will be original!


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  1. CINDER sounds amazing, and I LOVE the cover. Can't wait to read this one!