Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bookanistas: A Fresh Start

Today I'm giving a little love to the book I'm currently reading.  You see, the book I finished reading this book is going out on submission to agents soon, and although I'm positive it will be on shelves in the near future, it would be wrong to have you all salivating over something so far out from release :)

The book I am reading right now (courtesy of NetGalley) is Lissa Price's Starters.  A sci-fi mystery with a strong dash of the dystopian, I dare you to watch this trailer without wanting to read the book on the spot!  The good news is that Starters is out in March.  Until then you can check out an excerpt on the official book website.

Christine Fonseca  interviews author Denise Grover Swank

Jessi Kirby and Jen Hayley are wowed by WANDERLOVE

Corrine Jackson is mesmerized by MAY B.

Stasia Ward Kehoe  interviews DIES IRAE author Christine Fonseca

Debra Driza is entranced by HEMLOCK

Katy Upperman delves into THE DISENCHANTMENTS

Nikki Katz  celebrates CINDER

Tracy Banghart  marvels at JULIET IMMORTAL

Jessica Love spotlights SHINE


  1. Ooooh....SO going to have to check this one out! I remember the cover reveal and thinking WOW. Same reaction to the trailer!!

  2. What a cool concept. The trailer gave me chills. Another one for my ever-growing to TBR list!

  3. The trailer is creepy in a good, "I want to read this story" kind of way.