Monday, February 20, 2012

Enter my world...

So a few months ago I spontaneously moved.  It caused a delay in email response and the ball got dropped on a few things, and more than one person asked: how do you spontaneously move?

Well, you get a call from a friend that they need to move out of their rental house.  Their rental house with hardwood floors and original fixtures and a window seat.  Yes, dear readers, a window seat.  But back to the friends.  They needed to move and they needed to move in 2 weeks.  Would we be interested in leasing it?  As luck would have it our lease was up, and we're still too attached to the idea of moving to the Pacific Northwest in a few years to buy.  So two weeks after the call, we moved.

It's been challenging juggling book stuff, the kids' school, and getting an old house into shape.  It's still very much a work in progress.  Since I took the photo tour below, I've finally decorated the window seat (pics to come).  But here are a few pics of my other work-in-progress: my house!

My bathroom, which is huge considering the house was built in 1933!  

Yes, that is a shark on the bathtub.  I like to scare the minions with JAWS reenactments at bath time.

My current favorite room: the master bedroom.

The mudroom, which I use as my office.  Look at all those windows!

The kitchen, home of the awesome appliances we got so that my husband could keep cooking me dinner.  And the fridge, aka the minion art gallery.

The living room with unfinished window seat and minion action!

I'll be sure to post pics of the dining room and kids room when they're finished.  So what do you think so far?  Worth the spontaneous move?


  1. SO worth the spontaneous move. WOW, what a gorgeous place. So atmospheric!

  2. It's just beautiful! Very classic and romantic. I love that you've kept the character of the home while updating for modern convenience. I'd love to see more pictures. And guess what--I have an unfinished window seat too! For three years! It's become a catch-all because it's next to my desk...but I swear I'm finishing it this year. :)

  3. Soooo worth it!! I love the quaint touches that older homes have.

  4. Oh, lovely! I so miss homes with in Alaska, we just don't have them. We're pretty cookie cutter, considering most were built later than the 1980s. If we ever move back to the Midwest, I am going for all the deets you have. Totally worth the move!!
    LOVE that bathroom - adorable.

  5. Totally worth it. I love the curtains in the master bedroom and all of that natural light in the mudroom!

  6. And Melissa, since I started finishing the window seat all the clutter that collected there is GONE. It's so worth it!

  7. Thanks everyone! I love it, and I'm learning to fit in the little projects when I have time and not obsess over decorating. If only I had a house elf...

  8. That's such a beautiful house! I just love the feel of it. :)

  9. I'm late viewing this, but WOW!!! I want my house to be beautiful like that! JEALOUS! And yes, worth the move.