Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winner of the Cover Design Contest!

We have a winner for the cover design contest, although in my mind they were all winners, and it's design #3!


Congrats Dee!  I have to admit how impressed I was with all the covers.  How many of them employed elements of time, or weaving or embroidery, and so many of them look like the character, particularly our winner!  Dee, when you get a chance shoot me an email, please.

In terms of the real cover, we still don't have a confirmed reveal date.  We had all hoped that it would be this week, but alas, it didn't work out.  But there were so many fantastic covers revealed this week - who cares?!



  1. I love it! I love the red tapestry and the clock/astrolabe behind it! Clearly Dee has a future in publishing.

  2. Huge Congratulations to Dee!!! Honestly, your design was truly the best one (and the one I /would/ have voted for - if I had not been in the contest myself ;) )... you totally deserve to win. Congrats again!