Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quick Word Count Update

Sorry, I rarely post on the weekend, but I thought it unfair to not check in with my current running total.

Running wordcount for the week: 15,183

I'll be writing until midnight though...


  1. Ack! I fell asleep before checking in last night. Yesterday's written: 738. Not what I wanted, but it is what it is. Am still typing for today though!

  2. Running Total: 22,996
    Words Written Yesterday: 7,500

    I still have a little over 2 and a half hours to met my word count goal of the week which is 25,000. Hoorah. :)

  3. Wowsa Ashley, way to go.
    I'm at 13,886 total but am squeezing in what I can before midnight.

  4. Thanks! It was only because Spring Break started for my university. No classes meant extra time to write. :)

  5. Final Word Count of the week: 25,029...
    Now Sleep! :)

  6. Current total (with 30 minutes to go) is 22,040 for the week.

    I love weekends. I get to do a ridiculous amount of writing on the weekend. :)

  7. Final count at midnight: 23,121

    Damn, so close to that ARC. *shakes fist*

  8. Wow you all make me feel seriously deficient…

    WC from Saturday before falling asleep at my computer: 568
    Total Running Count: 3364

  9. Zip word document not support