Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BEA 2012: See you in NYC!

We officially have LESS than two weeks until BEA.  It seems like only yesterday I was reading a very exciting email about the possibility that I might be going, and now it's here! Almost.

I've had so many people ask on twitter about my schedule, and while it seems like it's ever changing, this is what it should be.  In other words, it could still change. And please, please, please say hello if you happen to make it to any of these events.  I love meeting people, but sometimes I'm bad at putting a face to an internet person without words being attached (now if everyone wore their blog banner across their forehead, but I digress).



Young Adult Editor's Buzz Panel -  10:00 AM

ARC Signing - Macmillan Booth - 11:30 AM

Meet the Apocalypsies -  3:00 PM

Teen Author Carnival - 6:30 PM (Jefferson Market Library)


Young Adult Buzz Authors Stage - 12:30 PM

Formal Autographing -  1:00 PM

Rooftop Blogger Party -  8:00 PM

If you're going, what are your big BEA plans?  What are you most looking forward to?


  1. Editors Buzz Panel is at 10:00 on Tuesday. Not that I'm going or anything...

  2. Ack, all these little changes here and there! I'm not catching them! Thanks Janine. I'll trust you, even though you aren't going ;)

  3. My schedule mostly consists of "run around like mad trying to visit as many booths and squeeze in as many signings as possible." But I will try hard to run into you at some point to say hi. :)