Monday, October 08, 2012

The Crewel Parenting Blog Tour

Did you know Crewel was recently named one of the best books to read with your kids by Redbook?  Pretty exciting!  And with my past life as a parenting blogger, it just made sense to visit with some fellow parenting blogs about motherhood, the writing process, and how my life has changed since my book deal.

AND THERE'S PRIZES!  Each stop will be giving away a copy of Crewel along with a collection of picture books, so mother and child have lots of reading material to cozy up with as autumn descends upon us.


October 8: Jodi Kendall - interview 

October 9: Connected Mom - Transitions with a focus on Montessori education

October 10: Authentic Parenting - Encouraging creativity in children

October 11: Mamadweeb - When mom travels without the kids 

October 12: Code Name: Mama - Post-book deal parenting

Stop by and check them out!

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