Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winner: Books are Forever Contest

And the winner is:
Lauren S.

or perhaps more appropriately, her sister, Diana, who's name will appear in the third Crewel novel.

The winner was chosen at random, but I read through all the entries.  I'm glad I didn't have to choose the winner, but I was moved by all of them.  You nominated friends, boyfriends, sisters, parents, yourselves.  It often seems like Valentine's Day is all about romance, but if this contest proves anything I think it's that love, actually, is all around.*

*Okay, I stole that line.

I stand by the sentiment though.  It's pretty easy to knock Valentine's Day as an overly-commercialized day of material romance.  But I don't think it's so awful to take one day a year to step back and look at all the amazing people in our lives and say "I love you" to them.  That's what Valentine's Day should be about.  Well, that and conversation hearts (words and candy? You had me at hello).

So go out there and tell someone you love them.

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  1. I do knock Valentine's Day as an overdone "holiday," but I like what you said in this post. It's a new way to think about it.