Tuesday, October 08, 2013

#JoinTheAgenda Pin It To Win It Update


Still open until October 13th!

The Wonderful Boards Currently Out There!

Do you have a board out there that we've missed? Leave a link in the comment section and we'll make sure to add it to the list!

These boards aren't listed in any particular order. So far, everyone's doing an awesome job at helping Adelice survive on the Surface.

Other Awesome #JoinTheAgenda members!

Not everyone has been able to participate in the Pin It To Win It contest (yet!). We've noticed some really great #JoinTheAgenda members still.

Jessica of Reviews Abound has created another song for Altered! Check it out here.
Here's a preview of Determination's (A Good Thing).

They try to
Dictate what I say.
They try to tell
Me what to do,
Try to stop me from
Being myself.
Allison Grace of Lovely Grace did a thorough post on Jost Bell of The Crewel World. Look at the post here.

The Rain Is A Lie

Read a new short story about the Crewel World here on Tor.


This has been mentioned a few times, but a new deadline has never been given. So here it is:
All scholarships are open until the day Altered comes out (October 29th).

The $100 Scholarship for a Tattoo Design is still OPENED. Just send you sketch to genniferalbin@gmail.com or tweet it with #JoinTheAgenda tag.

The $100 Scholarship for the Artist Scholarships is still OPENED.  Send your poem, song, graphic design, artwork -- essentially anything artistic -- inspired by The Crewel World to genniferalbin@gmail.com or tweet it with the #JoinTheAgenda tag.

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