Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Awesomeness that was the 90s

Lately I've been feeling nostalgic and thought I would get in touch with my inner teen by watching some Dawson's Creek on DVD. It's interesting how you can remember something so fondly and then watch it and scratch your head. Now I was never a butt-on-the-coach every week Dawson's fan, but I popped in and and out and had a definite opinion on the whole Dawson v. Pacey thing. What I didn't remember was the overwrought dialogue that read like some tv writer was having an affair with his dictionary.

"Dawson, I'm having an existential crisis over how narcissistic, but self-deprecating Pacey can be."

Yeah, in my 90s we would have said: "Dawson, Pacey drives me crazy because he's such a selfish jerk."  Or perhaps something more colorful.

So whether it was the dialog or the fact that it just wasn't fulfilling my 90s craving, I decided to pick up Felicity instead.  Now I'd seen the crazy time-travel/paradox last season of the show, which foretold the direction J.J. Abrams was heading, but I'd never seen the rest.  Felicity is the ultimate 90s show.  The sheer amount of flannel and baby barrettes and big desktop computers and Birkenstocks with socks make the whole thing look like Nirvana and Vitamin C had a love child.  This was the gloriousness that was the 90s.

Amy Jo Johnson
It was everything I could hope for and more.  I mean the Pink Power Ranger is on it, and you know, she's not a bad actress. Where'd you go, Mary Jo?

So far two discs in, we've tackled plagiarism and date rape, and yet, the show is oddly less didactic than good old Dawson's.  I've learned so much already. And the clothes.  Oh, the clothes.  How I miss the ridiculousness that we wore.  I had so many tiny little fitted babydoll  shirts with chinese characters on them. And chunky shoes.  I miss chunky shoes.

Gems from the first eight episodes:
"Not everyone has a pager!"
"Have you ever been on the internet?"
"Why does anyone have a webpage?"

Yes, for those of you younger than thirty, it was dark times.  Dark times indeed.  And my children will be happy that thanks to carrying them in my womb, I can't fit in those awesome babydoll shirts anymore, which is probably a good thing.

But one of these days I'm bringing 'em back.  Until them I hope your dreams are full of Doc Martins and Mtv.


  1. Dawson's Creek was the epitome of Murphy's Law: anything that could possibly go wrong in a teen's life, did. Their crazy vocabulary drove me nuts too, but not enough to drive me away from my staunch belief in the Pacey-Joey relationship. Sigh...

    I don't miss any of the fashion from the 90s, but I'll tell you one thing: I'm seeing the kids these days wear some craaaazy things I just know our grandchildren are going to make fun of us for one day.

  2. I did watch Dawson's Creek, but Felicity was much preferable. I LOVED THAT SHOW!

  3. Ahahahaha. I will always have a soft spot for Dawson's Creek. I have all the seasons on DVD. It is soooo terrifically cheesy and overwrought, for sure, but it was such a staple of my teen years.

    I do cringe at the dialogue, though. Because really.

  4. I watched the first season of Dawson's Creek, but that was it. That line you quoted reminded me of Gilmore Girls, which I couldn't stand - so forced! (Apologies to any fans.) I still love Degrassi, so I have no ground to stand on. Give me extra-forced lines in a Canadian accent anytime!

  5. lol. I have it on good authority that Degrassi is addictive. That said Gilmore Girls is my all-time favorite show ;)

  6. Chunky shoes! Yes, I miss them too. The 90s were definitely an interesting time. Though, I agree about the babydoll tees. Probably better they went away. :)

  7. I loved my Docs! Also, Nickelodeon is playing The 90's are All That at night. I have about 20 episodes of Clarissa Explains it All DVRed.