Monday, January 30, 2012

Secret Cover Contest and Sitewarming Party

If you follow me on twitter then you know that I'm waiting (impatiently) to share my cover with the world.  Secretly I've had it since October and haven't been able to share it with anyone.  So whenever someone asks to use the cover for an interview or a post I have to say no.  Word is that we'll finally be sharing the cover in February, but why not have some fun until then?

Also I promised a sitewarming party when I got situated, so let's kill two birds with one stone.  A cover contest site-warming party!  That's right, you create a cover that you think would be perfect for CREWEL, and I'll narrow it down and we'll all vote on the winner.

And what do you win?  A Kobo ereader!

Now full disclosure here:  I bought the kobo last fall and then I was given a Kindle, and I never use the Kobo.  I read something on it once.  So it is almost-new.

But that kinda sucks, right?

Well, for funsies I will include the first chapter of CREWEL on it.  That sound better?

I'll be accepting entries in the cover contest from now until Feb. 13th at 11:59 PM CST. Then we'll vote and narrow and declare a winner. Here are the rules and the details:

Please do not use copyrighted images!  You can use creative commons or istockphoto or your own vivid imagination, but don't infringe on other people's work :)  Please and thank you.

You can email me your entry at genn at genniferalbin dot com, and I will post them in a gallery here.

Have fun!

Want some inspiration for the CREWEL storyline?  Check out my pinterest board, which I update daily!

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  1. I love what you said about "writers should be writing." While social media is necessary if you want to gain a foothold, you really have to schedule that so it doesn't take all the time away from actually creating a book.

    Very nice interview and lots of good suggestions. Thanks.