Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bologna and books and more

If you follow me on twitter, you already saw these lovelies.  But yesterday after patiently waiting (yeah, right), the UPS man arrived and I tackled  helped him carry a large box of these inside:

galleys of Crewel


Aren't they beautiful?  My name is on that.  One of you can even win one over on The Crewel World and I will sign it with my brand new, authorly signature.

And then my editor received this picture from Bologna.  It's the UK cover for Crewel (published by Faber & Faber)!

And then, because the day was made of awesome, the talented Petra made me this:


Be sure to check out all the awesome author widgets on her blog, Safari Poet.

Tomorrow the blog will be back to normal with some Bookanista time.  I'll be discussing trends out of Bologna!


  1. I was just on your blog scrolling down, did a double take when I thought I saw my name and then realized it was my name. Glad you like the widget and thank you for the shout out :-)

  2. That widget ROCKS! And your books look beautiful - all stacked like that. I would have taken a bunch of pictures like they were my kids. Different poses, different angles. SO exciting! Does it seem real? YOUR name - on a book! I know it's going to be a best seller too. Anyone with a Tuesday cat is destined for the best seller list. :-)