Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Challenge Check-In: Day Two

Hey everyone, post your total words written YESTERDAY.  If you're just joining us, jump on in.  All the rules are in this post.

I got distracted by super exciting stuff happening for a good friend and so I'm a tad disappointed in mine.  But I am going to bring it today.

Starting word count for MONDAY: 60,288

Starting word count for TUESDAY: 62,473

Words written: 2185



  1. Starting WC Monday: 21,166
    Starting WC Tuesday: 23, 976
    Words written: 2,810

    Pitch: Nine chooses to become male during her Remake hoping it will make her brave. But when her shuttle crashes on the way to the Remake facility, Nine must learn to become brave, as a girl, if she hopes to survive.

  2. Started yesterday will 500 words ended with 1156.. total written 656..it sucks having to work at a non writing job. ;(

  3. Starting Word Count Monday: 6,911
    Starting Word Count Tuesday: 8,339
    Words Written: 1,428

  4. You guys are rockin' it. And remember (cough, Cassidy) there are really no losers if at the end you are writing everyday!

  5. Lol thanks! I did write another 853 words so far today..but it was the end of a very emotional scene so I am off to edit my sort story I have to submit soon...

  6. Starting Word Count Monday: 1879
    Words written on Monday: 2909

    I'm pantsing random scenes at the moment so we'll see how this goes...

  7. Nikki StuckwischMarch 6, 2012 at 4:19 PM

    Starting word count Monday: 34,762
    Starting word count Tuesday: 35,635

    Off to try to get some words in today...

  8. Starting word count Monday: 1,696
    Starting word count Tuesday: 2,906

    Words written: 1,210

  9. Just realized that I posted my WC for Monday on the wrong post.

    WC for Monday: 714