Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Challenge: Day Three

How's it going?  I finally hit my stride yesterday, but, good news for you, I have to take a break this morning and work on something for my UK publisher, so use your time wisely.

Tuesday word count: 5,237

Running word count: 7,422

I had to start working in separate docs to keep things straight, so I'll just be posting my daily and running now, because everything is all messy.  How are you all doing?


  1. Started yesterday with 1156 ended with 2009 total written yesterday 853...hopefully today will allow more time to write. I still have to finish edits on my short I have to submit soon...

  2. Yesterday's beginning word count: 8,339

    Today's beginning word count: 9,669

    Written words yesterday: 1,330

    I plan to write my hands off today! At least after my Latin class. :)

  3. Dang girl, you rocked it yesterday. For me:
    Tuesday word count: 2,803
    Running word count: 5,613
    I'm hoping my redeeming factor will be Friday husband is going camping and I plan on getting a lot of writing in. :)

  4. You totally killed it yesterday!

    As for me, I listened to a complete audiobook, took care of my sick kid, made a wonderful dinner, and scrubbed the bathrooms and kitchen. And I didn't write a single word.

  5. Laura, I think you win.

  6. Yesterday was dismal but it was entirely my fault. I wrote 653 words then decided to download Scrivener on a whim and messed with that for the rest of Olivia's naptime (my writing time).

    THEN, after bedtime, I got all caught up in DEARLY, DEPARTED and couldn't put it down. Must read if you haven't.

    So. Total for yesterday? 653

    Running total: 3562

  7. How are we ever supposed to compete with you Genn!

    Tuesday WC: 953

    Running total: 1667

  8. I clearly want to keep those ARCs ;)

    Actually, this is is really helping me! I'm down to three chapters left to write in the whole manuscript. Revision will be hell, but crap is easier to fix than a blank page is!

  9. Starting word count yesterday 35, 6335.
    Starting word count today 36, 745.

    Running total: 1983. Ah, that was a good year...

  10. Starting word count yesterday: 2,906
    Starting word count today : 3,100

    Total: 194

    Lame, but that's what a marathon of Downton Abbey will do to you.