Thursday, March 08, 2012

Challenge: Day 4 Check In

Whew! I spent the morning on Seuss-inspired birthday invites, so I'm late!  I'm late for a very important date (clearly, I am mixing my kidlit references today).

But never fear, I have three hours to kick your butts (you're all laughing at my weak threats, aren't you).

Yesterday's count: 5,212

Running total: 12,634

Respectable, I think.  How about you?


  1. Yesterday words written: 6,906

    Running Total: 9,167

    I'm still trying to catch up, but I'm proud that I've written so much. :)

  2. Um...should I just give up now? Yikes.
    Yesterday's count: 2,677
    Running total: 8,290
    And I don't think I'll get much in today. Cleaning, book club, scouts, sewing costumes, life...Sigh.

  3. Welp, I'm not getting an ARC... *mumblemumble*

    Yesterday: 2408

    Total: 5970

  4. Party planning for my oldest 6th birthday, so only 704 for Wednesday
    Total WC 2371

  5. Nikki StuckwischMarch 8, 2012 at 6:11 PM

    Yesterday's count was 1,110.
    Total count 1483.

    But I had a pretty productive day today, so that's OK. I may not win an ARC, but I'm getting a ton more done than I would have otherwise, so thank you Genn, for doing this. I only wish I could make myself be this productive every day.

  6. Started with 2009 ended with 4210 total of 2201 not to bad

  7. Running total 3710... But I did get my third short story finished and submitted!

  8. Crap, I've been replying under the old post. *sigh* No wonder I felt all alone...

    My kids are home so I'm doing poorly, to say the least.

    543 words yesterday. I'm hoping for triple that today.

  9. Yesterday's word count: 3,100
    Today's word count: 4,066