Monday, January 07, 2013

New Year New Plans

It's 2013.  My debut year has come and gone.  I'm a published author.  What more can I hope for in life?

Well, lots.

It turns out that when one dream is achieved, it's sort of like hitting just the right kernel in Popcorn Ninja.  You know the one that brings on a blitz and suddenly kernels are popping up everywhere?

But dreams are funny wispy things that flit in and out of our lives.  I was well on my way to a PhD when I started dreaming of having a child and I was dreaming of going off the grid when I landed my book deal.  Sometimes life just shifts.  So in an effort to capture these dreams and work towards them, I've written them down and if they happen as they happen, I'm going to share them with you.  Honestly, some of them probably won't happen.  One is pretty much impossible, but why not dream it? And at the end of the year, those things left unaccomplished will be turned off for all to see.

I've tucked them in the back of my sexy, new Moleskine planner.

What?  You don't think planners can be sexy?  You are wrong.  This one is perfect.  I spent 15 minutes helping the guy at BN track down a price for it, and I would have paid $100 for it (don't tell him that), but instead I paid $10 for the perfect planner.  It has a weekly calendar next to a blank, ruled notebook page.  It is so hot.  (This is about the time where you think gah, she is such a writer.)

Further proof of its total hotness.

Enough about paper.

What are your dreams this year?  Have you written them down?


  1. My dreams this year are to find an agent, and to work in publishing. I hadn't thought about writing them down, but perhaps I should. I love the idea. It reminds me of something my family used to do. Throughout the year, when something good happened, or someone accomplished something, we would write it down, and then at the end of the year, we would take turns pulling them from a jar and reading them aloud. It was a way of remembering things we were thankful for.

    Writing things down seems to make it more real. I feel inspired.

  2. Lisa, I love that idea! I'm going to start doing that with my family.

  3. I'm so glad! My family is spaced around the country now, but it is definitely something I plan to do with my own family, someday.