Thursday, January 03, 2013

So you want to work in publishing?


Can you believe it's 2013?  My debut year has come and gone and now I am an expert on publishing .  Okay, I'm not an expert, but I have a book on shelves that was reviewed in The New York Times so we'll call it even.

If you're hoping this is a post about how to get into publishing, sadly it is not.  My only advice in that regard is to be AWESOME and like to read or write.  Living in New York helps, too.

Nope, I'm looking for an intern.  My lovely intern Taryn, aka the BUSIEST person in the world, has all sorts of amazing things going on.  Sad for me, good for you.  If you're interested, here are the details.

Who I'm looking for:
Someone who is interested in Young Adult, loves social media, and has a good eye for design.

What you'll do:
- Moderate the Crewel World twitter account, and my FB author page (along with yours truly)
- Help organize contests, interviews, world domination (well, not the last one—at least not until we know each other better.  I find world domination requires a certain camaraderie.)
- Oversee swag design and ordering like bookplates, etc.
- Other things which shall be thoroughly discussed and settled on between us.

The, um, benefits:
- Access to me, which might be a drawback.
- You'll be working with agents, publicists and marketing professionals.
- A line on your resume (that's a benefit, I promise.)
- Other stuff I'll talk about with final candidates privately (a girl has to have some secrets).

So if you are interested, drop me a line or a resume if you have one, include links to twitter/blogs/etc so I can stalk you, and we'll go from there.


  1. I'm ABSOLUTELY interested. I'm a book reviewer (3 years now!), and I have designed my own website (always a work in progress.)

    I have Crewel, but haven't read much of it yet! (the shame!)

    I adore social media, and I've worked as a social media/publicist girl before (last year, I worked for Patrick Carman on his Dark Eden project.)

    I'm a quick learner and I'm looking forward to finding a career that has something to do with design or modern literature. Any experience I can get is well appreciated!

    I'll be 18 in February (thought I'd include that because I'm still technically a 'minor') (P.S. My site is under new year construction. Please feel free to grimace at errors!)

    Here is my personal facebook account if you have any questions you'd like answered quickly!!/rachel.andrews.756

    And my email: reviewer_rachel(at)

  2. Hello Gennifer,

    My name is Jennifer Bielman and I would love to work for you.

    I have been a book reviewer for a year and a half. I designed my own blog. I have a BS in Business Administration from the University of Redlands. I currently work part-time as a Social Media Consultant for a Building Contractor. I run his website, his blog, Twitter, Facebook, and the list goes on.

    I have many followers on my book blog, Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. I also have a large Facebook and Twitter following. I utilize Pinterest, Google+, and Goodreads as well.

    I have worked with many publishers and authors for blog tours and promotional events. I run contests, giveaways, and interviews often on my blog.

    I was a part of your Street Team for Crewel. I loved the book by the way. I read young adult books often though I am 27 years old. I guess I am still young at heart.

    Since my part-time job lets me work from home, I have a lot of time on my hands to work for you in any way you need.

    I am a fast learner and very time efficient. I am computer savvy and very creative.

    I hope you consider me for the position as your intern.

    My email: jennifer.bielman(at)






  3. Hi Gennifer,

    My name is Kristen Thompson-oh and would be thrilled to be your intern.

    I have been a book reviewer for over two years, running my blog Seeing Night Reviews. I have a BA in Graphic Design and an AA in Media Arts and Technology. I'm currently working as a Training Course Developer for an elearning company which I do from home, as well as run and work with their social media.

    I have had a great time being apart of the blogging community, my own blog has a great following, along with my twitter, facebook, goodreads and pintrest. I read and review both Young Adult and Adult, with focus on paranormal, fantasy, and romance genres. I have enjoyed working with many authors, bloggers and book tours over the years and Iove spreading the word about upcoming novels and already released titles.

    I have studiesd over the years the latest computer technology and social media, as a designer I can be very creative and love creating new pieces of work. I work quickly and am very dedicated to any task given, I will always get the job done.

    Thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

    Blog Facebook:

  4. Ms Albin,

    When I saw the tweet, I must admit...I couldn't believe my eyes. I've been looking for a way to gain more experience, more exposure (the good kind of course!) in the wide world of publishing and here a proverbial golden ticket was dropped in my, feed. It would be a joy to work with you as you embark on this next phase of your author-dom dream and I most appreciate even the chance to be considered to fill the role.

    Links to some of my work...
    TWITTER: @GRgenius
    FACEBOOK: GRgenius (aka Insatiable Reader)

    If you like what you see and feel comfortable in selecting me as the match for the position...well, I'd probably jump for joy actually; if not though, my best wishes to the lucky candidate that is chosen.

    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Have a great day...and happy reading.


    P.S. I'm certain you've heard this many times over but congratulations on the outstanding performance of your debut novel! Can't wait to see where book two will take us. ^_^