Thursday, August 15, 2013


      “Adelice, here!” My father shoves me toward another hole as Amie and Mom disappear into the passage, but before I enter he grabs my wrist and presses cold metal near my vein. A second later heat sears the tender skin. When he releases my arm, I draw the spot up to my mouth, trying to blow off the burning.                   
“What . . .” I search his face for a reason for the techprint, and looking back down, I see the pale shape of a flowing hour- glass marking the spot. It’s barely visible on my fair skin. 

The Agenda is recruiting and you can join the resistance!

Win one of three scholarships! And books for your library!

Scholarship Contest #1

Calling all artists: Sharpen your pencils, power up your photoshop, or get out your crayons.  Ever dreamed of your art being scratched systematically on someone's body with a needle?  No.  Ok, that's probably healthy.  But hear me out.  

Adelice's techprint is important.  More important than you might have guessed and it holds a big clue about her past.  And that means it's important to me.  It's so important that I want my own techprint tattooed on my body and I want you to design it!  

Right here.

The what:

- The techprint looks like a scar in the shape of a flowing hourglass.  But instead of sand, it actually contains a minuscule code.

The Prize: 

- Not only will I tattoo it on my body, I'll vlog it.  Prepare for cursing.
- But if that's not enough for you, I'll also be giving away a $100 cash scholarship to the winner to be used to continue your artistic education.  Use it for new materials, books, tuition, towards a computer.  That's up to you.
- Up to two runners up will receive signed first editions of Altered.

- If your student wins, I'll donate a signed hardcover of CREWEL to your classroom or library.  Click here for a downloadable poster you can share with your kids.

To Enter:

- Share your art with us in the comments below or via social media.
- To enter via Twitter: Use the hashtag #JoinTheAgenda and include one of the following accounts in your tweet (@GenniferAlbin, @MacKidsBooks, @FierceReads)
- To enter via Facebook: Share it on Gennifer Albin's page or the Crewel World page.
- To enter via Tumblr: Use the hashtags #JoinTheAgenda #GenniferAlbin #CrewelWorld
- To enter via Pinterest: Use the hashtags #JoinTheAgenda #GenniferAlbin #CrewelWorld

The Fine Print

- I reserve the right to not choose a winner if the entry pool is low.  Mostly because I should be a bit picky about what I tattoo on my body.   I don't anticipate this happening.
- Contest is open in the U.S. and Canada for legal reasons.  I'm sorry.  I promise a big international contest soon!
- Entrants under 18 should have their parent's permission to participate.
- No purchase is necessary.
- Contest will run until September 15, 2013 at 11:59 pm PST.  Winners will be chosen after October 1, 2013.
- Winners grant permission for their art to be replicated for promotional purposes.  Full credit will be given (except for the tattoo on my actual body, yo.)
And stay tuned for the next scholarship contest which will be announced on August 31st!


  1. ohhhh I want international contest!!

  2. Cool! That's an epic way to get a tattoo! So, five days till you reveal the big winner? How's the judging going? Any promising winners yet? I wish you share us the all the contestant's entries so we can help you pick out the rightful winner. Good luck on choosing the best body print! Lucius @