Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Week's #JoinTheAgenda winner is...!

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Tag Line Winner is #9

"In a Crewel world, what will she wave next?" by Jaime Arkin of Fiction Fare.

There were a ton of amazing entries! Thank you everyone who submitted a tag line and all those who voted! 

Honorary Mentions

These are some tag lines that we all thought were fabulous, but didn't get the most votes:

Mariah (@ReaderAdventure) came up with In a woven world who really pulls the strings?
Which is so perfectly Crewel!

M. A. Patterson (@M_A_Patterson) submitted The serpent controls paradise. The world is a lie.  
A very intriguing tag line. 

Grace (@missyallydums97) came up with a lot of great tag lines and Crewel inspired lyrics/poems throughout the week. Some of our favorites: 
Love can be Crewel. Reality is Creweler. 
Beauty is seamless.
It's okay to be a little Crewel.

Nova (@NovaBlodger) created a tag line in Adelice's voice: I never wanted this but it's a Crewel world and I will stand and fight
Which sounds very Adelice, doesn't it? 

Everyone did amazing this week!

Thank you everyone for all your hard work with #JoinTheAgenda

Be prepared! Tomorrow a new mission will be revealed involving pinterest!

And don't forget! Due to high demand, the Tattoo Scholarship deadline has been EXTENDED and is still OPEN!

The Artist Scholarship is also STILL OPEN! Submit your entry for a chance to win $100!  

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