Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Five: Where I've Been Edition

So I promised you updates from New York and then I went and got ridiculously sick on the trip with a sinus infection.  Now if you follow me on twitter or are my Facebook friend, I did post some pics through the week.

So here's the trip in a nutshell.

1.  Falafel, and indian, and haute cuisine - oh my!  We ate so much good food from the amazing falafel at Taim to a business lunch at ABC Kitchen to dinner with Mollie at Little Giant.  Food back home is feel pretty boring.

2.  My first Broadway play.  I've been to some pretty amazing theaters before including the Santa Fe Opera and the Kennedy Center, but this was my very first show on Broadway and I chose Mary Poppins.  It was magical.

3.  I met up with Kody Keplinger, author of one of my favorite books - The DUFF, and had some eggs, discussed feminism and fairytales, and gushed about Hayao Miyazaki.

4.  The outfit.  I told you all about the search for the perfect outfit for my meetings.  I wanted them to get a sense of who I was rather than putting on a suit.  Not that I don't ever wear a suit, but let's face it I write from Starbucks most days.  I didn't wear my sunglasses to the meeting though!

5.  So how did the meetings go?  Well, I might have a release date, which I'll share as soon as I turn in these edits and it feels more possible!  I got to see the Foundry offices, which are as swanky as you would expect, and meet my foreign co-agent, who is lovely and the rest of the team.  Then I headed over to FSG with Mollie for a meet and greet.  I could spend a whole post regaling you with how awesome they were, but let me just say CREWEL is in very good hands.  Despite being in front of 20 people who will help decide my book's fate, the husband said I did well.  We followed the meeting up with some editor/author time and then lunch at ABC Kitchen.  In all my excitement, I forgot to get more pictures.  But I'll definitely get some more next trip.

All in all, worth the sinus infection!


  1. Looks like a very exciting trip! Hope you are feeling better! :)

  2. How EXCITING!! I definitely miss my Foodie favorites (when I lived in the West Village), but my (smaller)town does pretty well for itself too.

    And whoa, what a heady experience, huh?

  3. You look smashing in your meeting outfit! I'm leaving for NYC on Wednesday and will head for the falafal at Taim.

  4. Do it, Gail! The red was my favorite.

  5. Sorry to hear you were sick, but your meeting outfit is gorgeous! Is that a dress? LOVE IT!

  6. Love the outfit and the hair! Sounds so exciting!